Monday, 11 June 2012

Calgary Shaggy To Chic

Shaggy to Chic
In Calgary, Alberta

Shaggy to Chic is a one-of-kind Wellness Spaw where we take one paw at a time.
Our mission is to help your dog be healthier and happier through a holistic approach to wellness.
We fused traditional grooming services with a solid foundation of health through proper diet and fitness.

Spaw Treatment
Dog's Fitness                                                                    
And more...

What are the benefits to feed raw dog food?
1. Raw dog food is the best way to boost your dog's energy;
2. Your dog will stop smelling like a dog!
3. Cleaner teeth and gums, no tartar, less dental treatment;
4. Smaller, smelling stools;
5. Less disgestive issues - dogs can't disgest grains which most kibble
6. Puppies follow their natural course of growing, without having bursts
7. Healthier skin and shinier coat, no more fur loss, itching, skin rashes,
8. Less visits to your vet (less bills)

For more Information please give us a call: 403-246-4240