Thursday, 8 November 2012

Calgary dog spa

Our goal is to help you be more knoweledge in your dog wellness in order to prevent illness.
Back to basic with raw food.

What are the benefits to feed raw dog food?
1. Raw dog food is the best way to boost your dog's energy;
2. Your dog will stop smelling like a dog!
3. Cleaner teeth and gums, no tartar, less dental treatment;
4. Smaller and less smelling stools;
5. Less digestive issues - dogs can't digest grains which most kibble foods contain. 
6. Puppies follow their natural course of growing, without having bursts of growth. 
7. Healthier skin and shinier coat, no more fur loss, itching, skin rashes, irritations or very dry skin. 
8. Less visits to your vet (less bills)
What if my vet does not support raw food diets?
Most vets lack some serious education concerning dog diet. They only know what the dog food companies tell them, that means most of them will recommend kibbel. Watch live video
Canadian Association of Raw Pet Food Manufacturers
If you want to find out more about raw food please visit the Canadian Association of Raw Pet Food Manufacturers or simply

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