Friday, 18 January 2013

Shaggy to Chic Wellness Spaw in Calgary, AB

West 85th
1110 - 8561 8A Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta, T3H 0V5
Phone: 403-246-4240

Shaggy to Chic is a one-of-kind Wellness Spaw where we take one paw at a time

Our mission is to help your dog be healthier and happier through a holistic approach to wellness. We fused traditional grooming services with a solid foundation of health through proper diet and fitness.

Come check us out!

Our Schedule is:

Monday: 9 to 5 
Tuesday: 9 to 6
Wednesday: 7 to 6
Thursday: 9 to 8
Friday: 9 to 8
Saturday: 9 to 5
Sunday: Closed